Lose yourself in this Mediterranean hideaway, where the sun blesses a vivid landscape of irresistible beaches, wild forests and jutting peaks.

Discover a unique cultural landscape, where language and food are rooted in the lifeblood of Italian neighbours, yet where everyday Corsican living is steeped in the French lifestyle. It’s an enigmatic mix of taste and style, made all the more irresistible by the beguiling landscape it inhabits.

Unpick this fascinating Mediterranean getaway with our guide to the best things to do and see, plus a host of luxurious hotel offers to make your Corsica holiday a reality.


Corsica is a sublime landscape for outdoor lovers. Though the beaches may get plenty attention, the mountains, river valleys and ancient forests of the interior offer a wealth of glorious landscapes and intrepid adventures. Sea and mountain sit side-by-side, creating a unique terrain that makes Corsica one of the finest, untouched outdoor spots in the Mediterranean.

Canyoning & Biking
Vallée du Tavignano
Aiguilles de Bavella, l’Alta Rocca


Locked in the heart of the Mediterranean, Corsica is awash with inviting beaches of pure white sand, kissed by gloriously turquoise waters. Dive into its depths and discover fascinating marine life, or find your own private paradise in the Scandola Reserve.

The West Coast
Nautical Adventure
Wonders of the South
Coastal Living


Corsica is fiercely proud of its identity, with cultural quirks and traditions that long to be discovered. Unpick the Corsican life by exploring its heritage and history, discovering its most famous resident and unearthing the mountain life in a host of beautiful villages.

Filitosa, Cucuruzzu and the Ancestors
Palais Fesch & the Bonapartes
Hidden Villages

Food & Drink

Corsica is blessed with a verdant landscape that offers lowlands that flower with herbs, forests of chestnuts, ancient vineyards, seas full of fish, and livestock that runs wild across the mountains. Discover local delicacies, delectable wines and a thriving fine-dining culture.

Charcuterie & other delicacies
Fine dining

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