From the golden shoreline of the Mediterranean to the picturesque, cool mountain climes, Provence is set to offer even the most experienced travellers a tale of the unexpected.

Enchanting medieval cities, famed wine regions and the glorious, softly-scented purple of the lavender fields stand as potent symbols of Provence’s captivating delights. The hills and mountains shelter some of France’s most beautiful villages, with landscapes set to inspire awe and wonder. Yet the joy of Provence is the tightly-knit patchwork that all of these fascinating things rest in – step past Roman temples and into contemporary art galleries, taste wines steeped in heritage before trying boundary-pushing cuisine. Provence is a region full of the unexpected.

Discover the art of living in Provence.


Discover the foundations of the Provençal life. Steeped in ancient history, turn-of-the-century glamour and traversed by an adoring bunch of groundbreaking artists, Provence’s heritage still speaks to new generations of explorers.

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The Provençal lifestyle is an enviable one. Bask in it, if but for a short while, and discover vibrant cultural offerings, country life, and inspired natural landscapes.

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Explore the region’s fine foodie offerings, for a taste of the Provençal life. From iconic wine regions to farm-to-table produce, Provence is a coveted destination for foodie travellers.

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The art of living

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