Make your Caribbean escape one framed by unique adventures. Hike jungled mountains and drop into wild pools hidden in dramatic gorges. Dominica is an island filled with dramatic landscapes to conquer, surrounded by calm waters perfect for diving. Discover your adventure here.

Boiling Lake

This devilish scene is one of Dominica’s most surprising; and, fittingly, toughest to get to. Prepare yourself for a tricky hike. At a comfortable pace, you’ll need six hours for the return journey, and inexperienced hikers should consider enrolling the help of a local guide; though that may be wise either way. After negotiating the thick rainforest and climbing the verdant heights of the surrounding mountains, the Boiling Lake falls into view; or at least the plumes of steam that rise from its bubbling surface. It’s basically a huge crack in the earth’s crust, the heat radiating through the gap and boiling the lake in perpetuity. On your way back down, don’t miss the chance to take a dip in one of the natural thermal pools.

Ti Tou Gorge

Another of Dominica’s famous beauty spots, Ti Tou Gorge is one of those natural wonders that doesn’t fail to impress; it’s also a stone’s throw from the start of the Boiling Lake trail, making it a perfect refresher after your long hike. Swim against the current through gargantuan stone walls; it’s a pretty spooky and wholly unique experience, with the current pushing against you. But keep going. At the end, the pool opens out with a small waterfall overhead. It’s a picture-perfect scene to bask in and soothe those aching muscles. Just be sure to arrive outside of the cruise-ship-party times so you can have the place all to yourself!

Champagne Reef

Another of Dominica’s wonderfully-odd sights is the beguiling Champagne Reef. It’s a big part of why the island is a hotspot for diving; beautiful seas of technicolour corals offer a feast for the eyes, with all manner of exotic sea creatures darting around. If that wasn’t enough, the reef’s pièce-de-résistance is a peculiar trick – it bubbles. The sensation is much like swimming in a glass of champagne, something we can all clearly relate to. It’s a remarkable volcanic phenomenon that allows for a truly unique diving experience. Plus, the beautiful beach and local restaurant make this an easy all-day affair.

Middleham Falls

Deep in the rainforest hides one of the island’s tallest waterfalls. The hike provides enough of a challenge to make your first sighting of this gorgeous fall that little bit more satisfying; around an hour-and-a-half through thick jungle, with a spot of rock clambering and creek hops for good measure. Upon arrival, you’ll hopefully be up for a cool off; which is a nice way of saying the water is a bit chilly! But nothing quite beats bathing in the middle of the rainforest after a lengthy hike with the gentle roar of this stunning waterfall as your soundtrack.

Indian River Boat Ride

This is the stuff of movies; a canoe gliding silently through mangroves and watery jungle thickets, on an adventure – no, a quest – into the beguiling unknown (in fact, all of this is true. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest was filmed here). Well, maybe not that unknown; the boat is hand-oared by knowledgable locals, with ample opportunity to spot all manner of fascinating wildlife. A stop at Cobra’s Bush Bar offers a taste of the local drink of choice (predictably a heady rum mix, though delicious juices are also available) to complete your adventure into the unique, swampy waterways of the northern part of the island. Just head for the bridge that crosses the river in Portsmouth to hitch a ride.


Add an exhilarating edge to your jungle explorations with a day of canyoning. Set out with professional guides and begin a day of daring rappels, bold dives and adrenaline-fuelled climbs. Tackle the seemingly endless set of gorges, waterfalls and boulders in the most exciting of fashions; canyoning is a truly unique way to explore the unique natural beauty of Dominica’s interior.

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