Dominica is a natural spa. Bubbling thermal pools dot the volcanic island, occasionally interrupted by beguiling waterfalls and pretty rainforest trails. Unwind in your very own island paradise, amongst a technicolour patchwork of outstanding natural beauty.

Papillote Tropical Gardens

In the heart of the island lies a rainforest garden bursting with colour and life. The Papillote Tropical Gardens, in the shadow of Trafalgar Falls, offer a natural sanctuary to immerse yourself in; brimming with effortless beauty and rare wildlife encounters. Wander the trails and discover all manner of exotic plant life, before retreating to a selection of local restaurants for ital or creole fare in this outdoor wonderland.

Trafalgar Falls

Set within the beautiful and peaceful Papillote Wilderness Retreat, these beguiling falls are a famed island beauty spot. There’s two to draw your eye, one called Mother, the other Father. They cascade from a vast mountain outcrop, in a spellbinding sight that draws visitors time and time again. For a truly indulgent experience, don’t miss the natural thermal pools dotted around for a chance to unwind; or, simply book in for a massage at the local retreat.

Wotten Waven Hot Springs

This tiny village sits on a vast playground of thermal pools and cool streams. Locals have rather ingeniously set up shop, staking out their own little pools for you to dip and relax into. The hot sulphur spring water, unappetizingly murky, is purported to have medicinal qualities; but the main takeaway should be that sitting in the warm waters under a jungle canopy is nothing short of exquisite. Each mini spa stays open after sunset, so for a special end to your day, head here for then with a drink in hand.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is possibly the island’s most spectacular waterfall, with vast, misty plumes steaming upward from the pool of water at its base. Falling from a dizzying height, the water is fed by the Boiling Lake. Reaching the falls – with a guide – will see you traversing jungle paths, getting back to nature for the glorious reveal at the end. The highlight from here on is the selection of gorgeous restaurants serving Caribbean faves. Come here for the view, stay to indulge in the food.

Whale Watching

Just off the coast of Dominica, dramatic underwater cliffs provide ocean deeps in close sight of land. This unique geography makes Dominica the whale-watching capital of the Caribbean, and the only country in the world where the vast sperm whale resides all year long. These gentle ocean giants can be spotted with a short boat trip out to sea, for a truly special experience. All operators on the island are held to a strict code of conduct, ensuring the sustained peace and harmony of this unique habitat.

Botanic Gardens

This wonderfully pleasant corner of Roseau makes for idyllic walks amongst rare and colourful flora and fauna. A Dominican institution, the gardens have always been important for conservation work across the nature island. Don’t miss the crushed school bus still stuck under the weight of a fallen baobab tree following the 1979 hurricane, nor the aviary which plays home to rare and colourful parrots.

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