Take some time to savour the moment and enjoy those simple pleasures. This can be as easy as spending a little more time with family or friends, or going all out and taking a week away, without any technology, and indulging in a bit of peace and quiet. As life becomes more and more hectic, savouring those good bits is more important than ever.

So start at the beginning; breakfast. There’s no need to rush; it’s good for you and starts your day on the right foot, letting you spend a little more time with loved ones around the kitchen table. So take Breakfast on the Slow, and the rest is sure to follow. Time to relish those moments.

Based in dazzling Dorset, dorset cereals make cereals that are worth slowing down for and savouring.
Despite all the haste and hurry in life, dorset cereals believes in creating a calm moment of pleasure at the start of the day. They call it Breakfast on the Slow.
The muesli range is high in fibre, as well as being suitable for vegans too, giving you even more reasons for a Breakfast on the Slow.
They love trees, and all the good they do for our planet. So to date, dorset cereals have worked with the Woodland Trust to plant over 38,000 of them across the UK.

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