Dorset for couples

By Charlie & Jess /

Despite its perks, quirks and benefits, living in London is a chaotic existence. For us escaping this relentless pace is integral to the resetting process, it allows us to get a bit of perspective on what’s truly important in life. So, when Dorset Cereals got in touch asking us if we would like to head to the south coast on a slow adventure, we jumped at the opportunity!

Arriving in Lulworth Cove, we stood looking out at the waves lapping against the shore and filled our lungs with that first full breath of sea air. Immediately we decompressed, the hustle and bustle of London life seemed a million miles away. In an instant our to-do list of deadlines, chores and commitments evaporated, replaced by a sense of freedom and excitement at the prospect of three days of fresh air and connecting with the natural beauty of England's south coast.

Checking into the beautifully located Lulworth Lodge, we put the kettle on and set about making plans to explore. This is a process we love, gearing up to discover what a new place has to offer, its landscapes, adventures and hidden gems.

That afternoon we spent meandering along the tall cliffs of the coast, getting to know our new surroundings. The winds were strong, whipping in off the sea and blasting us with fresh air. There is something magical about the English coast during the winter months, gone are the crowds of the summer, the pace is calm and you feel reassuringly isolated. The Dorset coastline is both beautiful and dramatic with every turn revealing a new unique view. Soon we found ourselves down on the shoreline watching the sea, hypnotised by its rhythm… this is when Jess announced her ambitions of swimming at some point over the weekend. With the air outside a cool two degrees, I smiled and nodded, let's just wait and see I thought. That evening was spent cosied up by the fire at Lulworth Lodge, eating fresh Dorset muscles and chatting to the locals about the virtues of winter weekends by the coast.

The next morning started gloriously slow as we watched the fog lift from the comfort of our bed before feasting on a breakfast comprised of locally sourced ingredients, dorset muesli and fresh fruit. If only every morning started like this!

Full and exceptionally rested we set off down the coast to make the trek up to Golden Cap. The rolling hills were engulfed in thick fog still, adding a sense of drama to our walk and making our pub lunch feel all the more deserved. After lunch there was only one thing for it… Jess was going swimming!

We made our way down to a secluded beach and before I knew it she was running across the stones and throwing herself head first into the cold winter water. After a short swim she emerged victorious, sporting a grin from ear to ear, buzzing from the rush of adrenaline and sense of accomplishment. I stood corrected. My end of the bargain had been to make a small fire to warm her up, so I quickly set about my duties. We sat around the flames and drank tea from our thermos, there was not another soul in sight, we were completely content.

The day finished with a short stroll along the beach to our new digs, the lovely Limestone Hotel where we indulged in a long soak in the bath and a Sunday afternoon cowboy film (a guilty pleasure of ours). Finally, to round it all off, we feasted on a three course meal at the hotel’s restaurant; fresh scallops, locally sourced venison, pollock, cinnamon dough balls… need we say more!

Refreshed, recharged and ready to take on the world (duty calls unfortunately) the weekend had been just what we needed. Just a few hours from London, Dorset is the perfect weekend getaway for when you need a bit of R&R and to be at one with nature. And in our opinion it's even better in the winter…guilt-free lie-ins, lazy breakfasts and long walks along vast, empty beaches... Does it get much better?!

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